Saturday, March 28, 2015

Good to Know - Helpful Pressure Points!

Good to Know - Helpful Pressure Points!

According to ancient oriental beliefs, every organ in the human body has a representative pressure point in the hand and the foot. According to this method, massaging and applying pressure to this point for about 10 minutes, should alleviate pain, cure diseases and make us feel much better. Get to know the most important pressure points in the hands and feet.
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The Hands

1. Sinusitis  12. Eye Diseases 23. Joints 34. Appendix 45. Weight loss 
2. Headache 13. Ear diseases24. Small intestine 35. Hemorrhoids 46. Diaphragm 
3. Anxiety 14. Shoulder pain 25. Hypertension 36. Aisias Pain 47. A lump in the thyroid gland 
4. Depression  15. Lung disease 26. Spleen Diseases37. Fertility Problems 48. Parathyroid pain 
5. Insomnia  16. Diarrhea (dysentery) 27. Indigestion 38. Sexual arousal 49. Cervical pain 
6. Cooling  17. Diseases of the stomach 28. Large intestine 39. Womb 50. Back pain 
7. Energy stimulation  18. Liver disease 29. Loss of appetite 40. Prostate 51. Spinal pain 
8. Stress  19. Menstrual cramps 30. Intestinal diseases 41. Problems with ejaculation 52. Back pain 
9. Stimulation Memory  20. Heart31. Upset stomach 42. Testicular pain 
10. Eye veins 21. Diabetes 32. Bladder infection 

43. Almond pain 

11. Ear veins 22. Kidney disease 
33. Urinary Incontinence 

44. Hormone deficiency 

The Feet

1. Sinusitis 
11. Diseases of the ear20. Diabetes29. Pain Aisias38. Shoulder Pain
2. Headaches 12. Toothache21. Kidney disease30. Infertility39. Almond pain
3. Anxiety13. Lung disease22. Small intestine

31. Sexual stimulation
40. Hormone deficiency
4. Passing out 14. Heart disease23. Digestive disorders32. Joint pain 41. Weight loss
5. Insomnia15. Diseases of blood flow24. Large intestine 33. Leg pain42. Thyroid nodules
6. Stimulate Memory
16. Hypertension 25. Bulimia 34. Heel pain43. Parathyroid pain
7. Cooling17. Diseases of the stomach26. Intestinal obstruction35. Hemorrhoids
8. Ear specialist18. Diseases of the spleen27. Appendix  36. Back pain
10. Vision problems19. Liver disease28. Bladder37. Lower back pain

Friday, March 27, 2015

Six Misconceptions About Flat Stomachs

  Six Misconceptions About Flat Stomachs

There are many businesses trying to make money from the following myths. These include sports equipment companies, health product companies, medicine companies and many more. There is only one good way to achieve a flat stomach - and that is reducing the fat in the whole body, with physical activity and a balanced diet. There is still no better, indeed no real other way.
Remember these misconceptions, and check products with your local doctors before deciding on them.
flat stomach

1. Stomach crunches will make your stomach look better

Not until you remove all the fat above the muscles it won't. This is one of the biggest misconceptions about getting a flat or muscular stomach.

Work the stomach muscles will not cause you to lose fat in the stomach, the body won't burn it just from that area, but will slowly reduce the overall fat content in your body. So if you are only doing stomach crunches and not adapting your nutrition and physical activity, nothing visible will happen.

2. Just don't eat 

Do NOT fall for that. Starving yourselves will only put your body in 'keep all the fat I can' mode, because its afraid you can't find enough food to survive. This is a very slow and ineffective way to get a flat stomach.

Yes, it is important to watch what you eat and reduce on empty calories, replacing them with wholesome meals a few times a day, but starving yourselves doesn't work and may actually damage your health. Don't abuse yourselves, a lean stomach takes patience and discipline, day by day, and not meal by meal. 

3. Pop a pill, add a supplement

There is a huge industry designed to sell you on miracle diet pills and supplements that will supposedly give you a flat stomach. None of them really works. Believe us, if there was a pill that did the trick, it would be in every house and better known than Viagra.

There isn't such a pill yet. Supplements and pills will only help if you are already doing the physical work and dieting, they will not help by themselves nor are they worth taking if you are indeed doing the work, they will not shorten the process by any significant degree.

4. Packaged diet products

Such alternative products are usually packed with refined sugar as well, packed with artificial ingredients you don't need in your body and deliver very little nutritional value. You'd be much better served sticking to plain food like whole grains instead.

5. Avoiding carbohydrates

It is quite possible and recommended to eat carbs while still losing weight. The rule is: Don't overdo it. But carbs are an important part of a nutritious diet. So don't go extreme, because you'll end up doing wrong by your own health. So limit but don't avoid them altogether.

6. Once I have a muscular stomach, I can stop working outwork out

Sorry about that, but while losing the weight is enough to get a flat stomach, that stomach won't stay defined and muscular without routine work.. Men who want to continue having strong stomach muscles must continue to do their crunches on an almost daily basis, or the muscles will soften and blur under the stomach fat.

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

100 Years in Paris...

100 Years in Paris...

Has the city of lights gone through many changes in the last 100 years? Well, these gorgeous hand-colored lantern photos seem to hint otherwise. I just love it when cities maintain some of their classic charms of old.
Then: The Église Saint-Augustin, in the 8th arrondissement.
paris then and now

Now: Can't find those tracks made by trollies anymore...
paris then and now

Then: Overlooking the beautiful Seine next to Ile de la Cité
paris then and now

Now: Not a big difference, really.
paris then and now

Then: City Hall
paris then and now

Now: Pretty much the same
paris then and now

Then: Vendôme in the early 1900s.
paris then and now

Now: Paved, clean and still where the Ritz Paris is.
paris then and now

Then: The Parisian opera house
paris then and now

Now: Still a focus point for visitors
paris then and now

Then: Pont Neuf, pedestrians walking alongside carriages
paris then and now

Now: Cars and not carriages. An added classic the La Samaritaine that was added in 1933
paris then and now

Then: Les Bouquinistes, the book sellers selling their books along the banks of the Seine river.
paris then and now

Now: Still doing it.
paris then and now

Then: Buying flowers
paris then and now

Now: On some days of the week you can still buy flowers at the Marche aux Flerus - same place.
paris then and now

Then: This was pont St. Michel, with the steeples of St. Chapelle easily seen.
paris then and now

Now: Government buildings
paris then and now

Then: The bourse (stock exchange)
paris then and now

Now: After additions were made this became more of a conference and event center.
paris then and now

Then: Rue de Castiglione 
paris then and now

Now: Similar, but a definite change in fashion!
paris then and now

Then: L’église de la Madeleine
paris then and now

Now: Same, even the trees seem to remain.
paris then and now

Then: Rue de la Paix and its famous obelisk.
paris then and now

Now: Looks the same, plus huge traffic.
paris then and now

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Indian Famous Hindu Temples